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On parle d'élocance dans le Monde cette semaine ! Lire plus

Give reading a voice

Turn written content into a podcast, instantly. Everything you don't normally have time to read, can be listened to. Web articles, documents, emails and newsletters can be saved and turned into audio!

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elocance is the first app that lets you save your web articles, emails, newsletters and work documents, so you can listen to them later. You can listen to everything you would normally need to read and actually do it on the go! In the metro, during your commute, or while you're running. Gain time while catching up and learning more!
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elocance uses the best voice technology to help you save time and be more efficient.
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Simplify your life.

Save and listen later

Forward an email, newsletter, web article or document to your elocance library and transform it to audio, instantly.

Choose the best voice for you based on your mood.

Choose the voice you prefer based on your mood. Be zen in the car or focused on your run.

Listen in any language

You don't have to limit yourself to articles in just one language. You can use elocance to listen to text in other languages like French, Spanish, Italian etc.

Create playlists

Create playlists of all your favorite content and then listen to them later. Choose articles or documents based on the length of your commute.

Boost your development

Follow topics that interest you and discover articles chosen for you by experts, not robots.

How does it work?

 transformez n'importe quel contenu en podcasts depuis votre téléphone avec elocance

With your phone!

When you find an interesting article, send it to the app using the "share" function. Then, voila, it will appear in your app instantaneously in audio form!

transformez n'importe quel contenu en podcasts depuis votre ordinateur avec elocance

With the Chrome Extension!

Add a web article or document to your library by clicking on the elocance extension on your browser.
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 transformez n'importe quel contenu en podcasts depuis votre boite email avec elocance

With email!

Just forward an email to and it will automatically appear in your app. Easy. You can even send from multiple email addresses as long as they are saved in your app.

Your info is sacred.

We will never use your data without your consent.


Rachel Einbund
elocance saves me time and helps me keep up with quickly changing regulations. I listen to the latest news articles on my way to work everyday and feel caught up by the time I arrive.

Rachel Einbund
Immigration Attorney - @racheleinbundlaw

Rachel Einbund
elocance turns hours of driving to sales meetings into an opportunity to get prepped for client visits.

Angie Long
Sales Executive

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