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Content & social manager (intern)

Available immediately, 6 months, Paris

elocance will be the first app to convert your reading list, into a playlist, so you can listen and learn from articles, emails and documents, on the go.

At elocance, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool for self-improvement and should be used to help us learn and grow. That's why we created this app for anyone who wants to read more, learn more, but never finds the time to get through their list. The app utilizes the best in synthetic voices that are capable of perfectly mimicking the human voice, eloquently.

In terms of marketing, we are putting digital acquisition at the heart of our strategy and are looking for sharp, creative interns to join our nimble, International team during a critical period that takes us from France to a U.S. expansion.

Job description

Help a fledgling start-up launch and promote the beta version of a new app using content marketing and social media to drive usership and engagement with various audiences.



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