Are you an auditory learner?

According to the NCBI, 30% of the population is an auditory learner.

But how do you know if this is your preferred style of learning? Take this mini-test and find out!

1 - Do you like to talk and remember conversations easily?

2 - Do you ever talk to yourself?

3 - Do you lose concentration easily?

4 - Do you remember lyrics and quotes easily and can play them back when they come to mind?

5 - Are you an extrovert?

6 - Do you like to debate and argue topics?

7 - Do you enjoy listening to others?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, ( or at least more than 5 out of 7) then it’s likely that you are an auditory learner.
So what does this mean for you and how can learning through listening help you get ahead?

There are many resources that can help you…

Using text to speech applications (like elocance) that read out loud to you, can dramatically increase your comprehension and ability to learn.
elocance is a productivity app that allows you to send desired content (like articles, newsletters, emails and documents), turn it to audio and have it read to you. You content can be turned to audio instantly and works for almost any type of written text in various formats.

Work with your brain...not against it.

Auditory learners absorb information through a different part of their brain. When you are listening to something, it comes in through your auditory cortex. This information is then processed and sent to another part of your brain for the learning to occur. The more you listen and learn, the more your brain develops associations and relational reflexes connected with other parts of your brain. So keep it going!

You can retain information and memorize it efficiently

Your strength lies in retention! By hearing the content (instead of seeing it), you are more likely to remember information. For example, you’ll probably find yourself being engaged during lectures and being able to remember the exact language used to describe an idea. Or when your colleagues are presenting ideas. Use this to your advantage!

Listening can help you save time!

Being able to listen instead of read means you can look up from your screen, a book or document and be hands-free! Curating the content you need to read for professional development and turning it to audio can help you learn more efficiently but also save time.

Happy listening!

The elocance Team

elocance is a productivity app and your audio superpower. Build productive habits and save time by listening. Save articles and PDFs etc., turn them to audio and learn on the go.

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