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elocance is a productivity app for more efficiently getting through your daily reading list, especially when productivity can be hard. Here are some essential ways to help you get the most out of your elocance experience. And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We always love to hear from our users!

#1 Article saver and aggregator:

Save documents, articles etc. from your desktop or phone and they’ll appear in the app. Add the elocance text to speech chrome plugin and the webpage you’re on can be added to your app. If you’re on your phone, you can just use the share function to add content elocance, just as you would share it with a friend. To send an email to the app, just forward to add [at]

#2 Convert everything to audio:

Everything you send to the app (pdfs, newsletters, articles) will magically turn to audio. Then, you can ask your phone to read out loud for you whenever, and wherever you want.

#3 Customize HD voices:

Pick from the best voices and content will be read out loud to you. Customize based on accents, gender and style to find the most appropriate for your mood and content.

#4 Learn new languages:

Add content in other languages and elocance will be able to detect it and read out loud to you. Great for learning other languages or listening to content in your native tongue.

#5 Access popular newsletters:

Find your favorite daily and weekly newsletters already in the app! Just select the ones you want to listen to and a selection from each will appear in your library each day.

#6 Skip ahead:

Browse through your articles and content to get to the parts you need to read. Just pick the ‘skip ahead’ function and easily navigate through your content.

#7 Create timed playlists:

Build playlists of content you want to listen to.Organize your content and create playlists that will read it in succession. For example, create a 20 minute playlist to accompany you on your workout or run. Or, create playlists based on specific topics.

Sabina, Team elocance

elocance is a productivity app and your audio superpower. Build productive habits and save time by listening. Save articles and PDFs etc., turn them to audio and learn on the go.

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