The 10 best productivity tools for auditory learners

Here at elocance, we’re always aiming to improve the way we learn, no matter your learning style. Specifically, we’re passionate about learning through listening and helping our users become more efficient with their time.

About 30% of the population are auditory learners, according to a study of learners by the Current Health Sciences Journal. This means that over two billion people around the world learn best through listening.

So, in the spirit of productivity, we thought we’d share some of the best productivity tools, apps, and websites that are geared towards auditory learners to offer you your ideal learning experience.

Remember, even if you deem yourself a visual learner or kinesthetic learner that absorbs information best through visual presentations or tactile note-taking, you can still use these apps for enjoyment and education, too.

1. Tide FM — Use white noise and timers to focus

Improve your efficiency with Tide FM, an app and chrome extension that uses focus timers and white noise to keep your head in the game. Based on the Pomodoro Method, the app’s timers allow for productive, focused work time with short breaks to help you get things done and improve retention. Additional perks include breath and sleep meditations when it’s time to chill.

2. Clubhouse — Your audio social media option

Ever wanted a more interactive podcast or music vibe? Enter Clubhouse, an innovative social media and networking app that focuses on audio, one of the first of its kind. Listen to podcasts, interact with other users, and learn new ideas and perspectives all by listening. It provides a whole new, aural way in which you can interact with business or personal contacts.

3. Audible — Listen to books faster than reading them

Whether it’s self-help, business, education, or fiction, Audible, Amazon’s auditory reading service allows you to listen to all your favorite books, podcasts, journals, and more. Purchase Audible content on an individual basis, or sign up for a subscription plan for constant access to your favorite content read or spoken aloud to you.

4. Blinkist — A cliffnotes style learning tool

If you’re anything like our team, you love to read and learn, but may not have time to listen to an entire audiobook during your 20-minute morning subway commute. Blinkist allows you to listen and process information with 15-minute non-fiction book summaries and ‘shortcasts,” which are mini-podcasts. Even those pressed for time can listen and learn using Blinkist.

5. Babbel — Learn a new language by listening

Although Duolingo is probably the most popular language-learning app for those with varying or different learning styles, Babbel is apt for those with auditory learning preferences. The app features plenty of listening exercises supplemented with written, reading, and spoken reinforcement activities. You can even listen to podcasts in your chosen language, too (select from 14 different options, including Spanish, Russian, English, French, German, or Italian).

6. Spotify — Music, podcasts, meditation, and more

Music can help all types of learners be more productive, relax, or focus, but it can be especially helpful for auditory learners. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, but did you also know it gives you access to podcasts and meditations, too? The app offers a variety of paid and free services so you can get just the right plan that fits your needs, including a downloadable family plan or a free option with ads.

7. Insight Timer — Relax in a peaceful learning environment

Rest is critical for better productivity, and Insight is determined to keep you calm and collected during your learning and emotional growth process. The app offers over 70,000 meditations, courses, playlists, and even a special meditation and focusing timer. For those who love to relax to a celebrity voice, allow the sounds of Russel Brand, Gisele Bundchen, or Goldie Hawn to wash over you.

8. Transcribe — Turn voice into text without wasting time

Prefer to listen and leave voice notes? Us too. But sometimes, you need them turned into text, and transcribing lengthy notes is time-consuming. The Transcribe app will change both video and audio notes into text quickly and efficiently — and in over 120 languages!

9. Stitcher — A podcast-geared learning experience

A Spotify alternative that focuses specifically on podcasts alone, Stitcher offers over 250,000 of them which you can listen to on your phone, computer, or other devices. We love the simplicity of the app, which allows users to pick their favorite podcasts, download them, and listen to them anytime, anywhere.

10. elocance — Your audio superpower

Of course, we couldn’t leave our favorite audio app off this list! Made for busy professionals by busy professionals, we realize your time is important. In order to help you be more productive as an auditory learner, elocance transcribes things like PDFs, word docs, emails and beyond. This way, you can listen and learn anywhere — on the bus, in your car, while cooking, cleaning, or rebooting your computer. It really is your audio superpower.

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