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Content & social manager (intern)

Available immediately, 6 months, Paris

At elocance, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool for self-improvement and should be used to help us learn and grow. That's why we created elocance, an app that converts articles, documents and emails into audio playlists, instantly. elocance is for busy professionals and allows them to personalize podcasts of articles and / or documents they need to read to get ahead at work. We launched the app in late May and are about to launch a very new and improved version. The new version will be aimed at the U.S. market with aggressive acquisition goals to market to new users. This is a critical period and we’ll be learning and growth hacking at hyper speed.


We are looking for a marketing intern with strong writing skills to come on board in early 2020 and lead social / content development and marketing on our team. The role reports to the head of marketing who will provide mentorship / guidance but allows full autonomy to lead projects.



Pay / Timing

600 euros per month for full-time intern but will consider part-time for the right candidate at a minimum of 3 days per week, paid based on hours. Start date immediate.

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