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About us

We believe that listening is the most powerful way to learn and grow.

In a world where remote work and distance learning are the norm, we believe that more screen time shouldn't be. Instead, elocance helps teams connect with each other, stay current and share knowledge through audio.
We built this for us as much as we built it for you. We want you to feel as empowered as we do when we get up from our desks and start learning on the go. When we share information with our people and feel inspired and excited by what everyone is listening to. We want to learn with you, together.
At the beginning
When the founders Alexis Botaya and Sabina Khilnani met, they were working on different continents in very different companies. Alexis was running a startup in the innovation space and Sabina was helping brands communicate with consumers while pursuing an executive MBA. Both needed to consume large amounts of info to “keep up” and both were constantly left feeling behind on their reading list.

They were looking for a way to streamline all the articles and documents they received through email, Slack, LinkedIn and Dropbox. Audio was already a huge part of their lives in the form of audio books, podcasts and music...

That's how elocance was born. A product they both needed that allowed them to consume information in audio. Now, their teammates, investors and partners can join a playlist and share important content they are consuming. Everyone is learning together and sharing quality information that inspires them.
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