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How do I add content to elocance?

You can add content in several ways:

From your phone: If you’re browsing an article on your mobile phone, you can use the share function to add it to your elocance library. You can also access iCloud and Dropbox documents and files directly from your phone and add them to elocance.

From your desktop: Use the Chrome extension to save web pages to your app from your browser. Or drag and drop documents and files into the extension and they will magically appear in your app library.

From your email: Forward emails from the email address you signed up with to [email protected] and they will appear in your library.

Helpful resources:

What types of documents and formats does elocance support?

We support various formats and will be adding more in the near future:

If you would like to suggest a format, please email us at [email protected]

Are there size limits for the documents I add?

Yes, the size limit for a basic account is 3MB while a premium account enjoys a size limit of 30MB.

What kinds of ebook formats are supported?

We currently only support ebooks in PDF format and do not currently support .epub or .mobi formats.

Can I migrate my content from other text to speech apps (Pocket, Voicedream etc.)?

We do not currently integrate with other text to speech apps so content will need to be migrated and added manually.

Does elocance allow me to forward attachments to [email protected]?

Forwarding emails to [email protected] works for text emails only and attachments will not be added to your library. To add attachments, save them to your files and add them using the app or the Chrome extension.

How can I change my login email and / or; my password for elocance?

If you logged in using "Log in with e-mail", you can reset your password from the login screen. Click on "Forgot password?" under the validation button and follow the instructions.
Regarding your login, this information cannot be changed at the moment. If you accidentally enter in an incorrect email, please delete this account and create a new one with the correct email address. If you have already paid for a subscription, you will have the option to restore your purchase and become a premium user once again.

Why can’t I add premium content from other apps?

Apps like Apple News andThe New York Times etc. sometimes block 3rd parties from adding their premium content, even if the user has a paid subscription. We hope to find a resolution for paying users to access their premium content via elocance in the near future. Stay tuned!

Does elocance work offline?

We currently do not offer offline mode but are working on incorporating this feature soon. However, your audio won’t be interrupted if you lose connection for short periods. Stay tuned for more improvements on this front!

Are the audio files downloadable or exportable?

Unfortunately, audio files cannot be downloaded or exported and can only be accessed in the elocance app.

How can I change the default voice?

There are two ways to do this. Either, you can go to your account section and click on Voice preference to choose another option. Or, change the voice while listening to your content by going to the menu bar in the player (top right corner) and hitting Pick a voice.

Can I add content in other languages?

elocance supports various other languages and accents:

However, we are planning to add new languages and accents over the course of the year. Stay tuned!

Can I connect in the car?

elocance is compatible with bluetooth and will connect with your car or other bluetooth compatible speakers. However, we are not currently integrated with Apple Carplay or Android Auto.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We do not condone driving and using your mobile device at the same time. Please exercise caution while driving.

Can I translate documents or articles to another language?

Not yet but we are currently exploring this functionality. Stay tuned!

Does elocance have dark mode?

We currently do not offer dark mode but are working on incorporating this feature soon. Stay tuned!

Can I share audio articles with contacts who don’t have elocance?

Yes, just use the share function while playing the article and you have the option to share a link with your contacts. This link opens up into a browser and automatically plays the article even if your contact doesn’t have the elocance app. You can also share it on social media and it is clickable

Is there a way to turn my content to audio on my website or newsletter?

Yes, we have a hack for that. All you have to do is add the content to elocance. Then use the share function on the player to send yourself the link. This link can then be embedded in buttons, newsletters or shared on social media. When a reader clicks on it, a browser will open and allow them to play the content, even if they don’t have elocance.

Having an urgent issue?

Email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help troubleshoot any issues or answer any questions. Or, call a co-founder directly from the account section of your app and we’d be happy to help.

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