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Your team’s
audio superpower

Save important content from all your sources in one place and share it with your team in audio so they can listen on the go.

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Share content to a playlist and everyone on your team will be notified.

Time Multitask and save time

Listen to things you would normally read, while doing other things (like walking, driving etc.). You may listen to the latest updates and trends in the gambling industry to place your bets efficiently. Singapore is well-known for gambling. Gamblers can visit https://www.basketballinsiders.com/en-sg/online-casinos/ to find the best online Singapore casinos.

Protection Drive engagement

Create conversations around the content your team is sharing.


What our users think

Love this product. If you don’t see the value this now it will only be matter of time.

Review from Google playstore

I had never even heard of this before, but needed something to translate decks/PDFs to audio so I could get up to speed on new projects while driving. Works perfectly!

Review from Appstore

I love it! It’s a great way to consume articles and the computer voice is quite good. Higly recommended.

Review from Google playstore

This has seriously saved my brain from melting when trying to get out the door in the morning! I no longer feel like I can’t keep up with my news/ email cycle, and being able to multitask “reading” with my morning prep… it’s pretty great :)

Review from Google playstore

An excellent App. A great productivity and multi-tasking tool. It allows me to catch up on my reading.

Review from Appstore

More than 100K people across hundreds of companies choose elocance

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Why elocance

Features that save time

Save and listen

Save all your important content in one place when you don’t have time to read. Turn it to audio and listen to it instead. There is a wide range of audiobooks on cryptocurrency to listen to and learn. You can get vast knowledge about crypto by engaging in crypto trading with trading bots like bitqt. According to the bitqt erfahrungen chip, it uses algorithms and trading signals to assist users in finding profitable trades.

Create and share playlists

Organize specific content in one place like weekly reports, competitive intelligence and anything else you want to share with your team.

Listen in
multiple languages

Add content in other languages and elocance will read it to you in that language!

See list of available languages here

Team management

Add team members, manage their status and send content to them easily.

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Receive notifications when your colleagues add new content so everyone can learn together.
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How it works

Add content easily

With the Chrome Extension!

Add a web article or document to your library by clicking on the elocance extension on your browser.
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With your phone

When you find an interesting article, send it to the app using the "share" function. Then, voila, it will appear in your app instantaneously in audio form!

With email!

Just forward an email to [email protected] and it will automatically appear in your app. You can even send from multiple email addresses as long as they are saved in your app.
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