Does Work Life Balance Even Matter Anymore?

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Our topic today is, does work life balance even matter anymore?
As work and life blur together in an unprecedented way, is it even possible to maintain balance? Has the meaning of balance changed and do we need to be more mindful of how we take care of ourselves and each other?
A recent New York Times article says: "The internet wants you to believe you aren’t doing enough with all that “extra time” you have now."

This resonates because our brains are trained to want to optimize every minute of the day. New social media content is flooding our feeds with suggestions of what to do with the extra time. Everything from baking challenges, to rearranging closets and weightloss are in the running. But finding moments to take it easy and enjoy ourselves is just as important. The point being, having more time doesn't mean you have to be more "productive."

In a great article about how to keep our attention focused on the right things, Mark Manson explains "In the time it took me to outline this article I checked Twitter three times and my email twice." We're all guilty of it...the infinite scrolling and the need to check notifications constantly. This is life now.  According to Mark Manson, our attention spans are being hijacked. He provides a step by step guide to helping us detach from distractions and attach to more mindful and positive habits.

It takes self discipline and motivation to get things done. In this LifeHack article with proven time management skills, they break it down to 10 steps:

1. Set goals that are realistic

2. Prioritize those goals by importance

3. Keep a task list and check it often

4. Schedule tasks when you can block time

5. Focus on one task at a time

6. Minimize distractions

7. Overcome distractions

8. Take breaks

9. Say "no" to things that distract from the goals

10. Delegate tasks to gain time

The app we're obsessed with this month: RescueTime. It's like Mint, but for your work schedule. Get insights on how you spend your time and learn how to be more efficient.

This month in company news, elocance was featured in some of France's leading publications like Les Echos and Maddyness as well as BFM Business TV. Also, check out people we very much admire in our Lifelong Learner Series featuring Giulia Locatelli, Co-Founder of the SaaS platform, Daryus.

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