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What we're looking for

An entrepreneurial spirit

We are convinced that adaptability is the key to success. Especially in the start-up and tech world. We expect our teammates to reach up and handle meetings with senior investors just as easily as reaching down and training employees.

Curious and open

The drive to improve in creative ways is very important to us. Any experience can be rich with opportunities to learn as long as it's accompanied by a humble and open approach.

Proactive, not reactive

Trying to start something new is more important than succeeding every time. We expect our teammates to see the big picture, jump in and help without being asked and to give their opinions easily. A good idea can come from anywhere!

Efficient vs. busy

elocance is our passion but we fully understand that being effective and coming up with creative solutions requires time to find balance. Working smarter is the goal and we fully believe that taking time in between for developing ourselves through hobbies and time for reflection is critical to the process.

Team spirit

We all have both professional and personal ambitions. We aspire to be the team that will listen to yours, help you progress and push you further.


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As long as you promise...

To have ideas!

Your opinion and your ideas are essential to the success of elocance. No matter what you want to provide feedback on, we promise to always listen and provide pathways for improvement.

Make an impact

We're a young, committed team that believes that technology should be used for good and not evil. Things like learning more, being more confident and getting better everyday. Help us make a real impact on lifelong learners and listeners.

Manage your own time

We're not big on telling people how to spend their time. As long as you take initiative and are able to move things forward in an efficient, optimal and respectful way, we're on board and are happy to give you as much runway as you need.

Get ahead

Just like elocance helps people develop themselves, we want to make sure you are staying challenged and engaged. We are eager to help you push yourself and gain experience in areas that inspire you.

Have fun !

Start-ups can be intense so staying upbeat and enjoying the adventure is an important part of our culture.


Content & social manager (intern)

Available immediately, 6 months, Paris

Digital & growth marketing (intern)

Available immediately, 6 months, Paris

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Send us your info, even if it doesn't match our open positions. You never know when we'll be broadening our team! Get in touch

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