Get Your Mind Right

Meditation has long been heralded as an effective wellness tool but COVID has brought it into mainstream consciousness like never before.

Meditation: Your next employee engagement tool?

Meditation apps like Headspace are blowing up as are digital therapy services. What started as an adaptation of Buddhist practices in the 60's, has recently gained popularity amongst Silicon Valley executives seeking mental clarity. But where there's a need, there's a shift and COVID has catapulted the importance of mental health practices and given people with more time to think, millions of online resources for how to do it effectively. Companies like Google are tapping into meditation and self-reflection, offering employees lucrative mindfulness classes that normally have a long waiting list.

What does designing for mental health issues at work look like?

The gap between how people in the workforce are feeling and what their companies are doing about it is wide.  And it's not just impacting a small population. On the contrary, 41% of workers report pandemic-related mental health issues and this number increases for women, Latino and Black Americans. However, according to McKinsey, instituting specific policies can create a more amenable workplace for dealing with potential mental health issues. These include creating a culture where open communication and self-care are promoted and nurtured as well as adopting ways to identify and deal with distress.

Step by Step

Everyone is talking about meditation, yoga and mental health. But how do you build a habit that incorporates these practices in a realistic and sustainable way. Here's a breakdown of how you can bring these practices into your routine:

1) Create a physical space for your practice

2) Use tech to your advantage by downloading an app to help.

3) Use auditory signals by playing relaxing background music.

4) Remember the health benefits and be clear about why you're committing to meditation in the first place.

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