Holiday Reset

The holiday season is officially kicking off with Thanksgiving this week and many of us are already dreaming about potential shifts to normalcy that might come with the new year. But as always, it's important to take time to reset, take stock of what was achieved, lost, gained and learned.

Why gratitude?

The importance of expressing gratitude is a common theme around this time of year. But in this Fast Company article, researchers have found that it's not just a nice to have. Being grateful is actually correlated with ones wellbeing. "Researchers have found that individuals who report feeling and expressing gratitude more report a greater level of positive emotions such as happiness, optimism, and joy."Starting a gratitude practice is all the rage at the moment but researches confirm that this won't directly result in a change to your wellbeing. It's a mindset shift that requires time, effort and a personal shift in perspective.

Ready, reset

Not traveling and spending more time at home is a great opportunity to get organized...mentally. The Blissful Mind blog broke down the best ways to reset before 2021. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Unfollow, Unsubscribe
  • Healthify your pantry
  • Back up your files!
  • Reflect on accomplishments....big and small
  • Plan one nerve-wracking activity
  • Decide which things you'll make time for
  • Define or revisit your core values
  • Choose one word for 2021

Resiliency and leadership

There is no question that this period has  continuously challenged our resiliency. In order to cultivate it for the future, it's necessary to look at where it might come from.This Harvard Business Review article shares the results of a global study of resilience where they measure various aspects. An interesting finding suggests that "The more tangible leaders make the threat, the more resilient people become. The implication for leaders: Don’t sugar-coat harsh reality. Tell people the truth about threats and they will respond with resilience."

While our instincts jump to protecting our teams and employees, candor can have equally powerful effects.

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