Investing in 2021

The stock market continues to defy gravity with some of the biggest IPOs of the year skyrocketing past analyst expectations. With this comes talk of a stock market bubble. Here's what we're thinking about as we look to 2021.

Top 10 Investing Trends of 2021

The stock market is volatile. Especially when dealing with once-in-a-century circumstances with global implications. No one could have predicted the stock market's comeback following declines in March. Given this, there are certainly trends to potentially capitalize on. First, the Biden election results had a positive impact on markets, a positive signal despite his stance on taxes that could impact capital gains negatively. Next, with vaccines starting to roll out in various countries including the US, analysts will be watching how quickly COVID recovery can take effect. This brings us to a boost of pharmaceutical stocks and anything impacted by reopenings (restaurant and travel stocks) as well as a slump in work from home products (Zoom) and tech (FAANG).

Thinking differently with alternative investing

Diversifying your portfolio goes far beyond just stocks and ETFs with the launch of Vincent, a comprehensive alternative investment platform launched by the founder of Indiegogo. It allows investors to discover a breadth of alternative investment categories including real estate, venture, art and collectibles. While the site doesn't oversee the investments directly, it does allow you to get access to trending investment deals, new types of investments (sneakers etc.) and compare and contrast potential return on investment across a vast array of companies, products and services.

What's up with Crypto?

Bitcoin has had a good year and is well on its way to being a portfolio staple. Many Wall Street pundits have confirmed that it's here to stay but Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock also has a point of view:
It tells us that Bitcoin has caught the attention and imagination of many people...But it’s still untested and a pretty small market relative to other markets.
While Bitcoin remains the most famous cryptocurrency, there are many others, notably Ethereum, that are attracting attention. Partnerships between Bitcoin and PayPal / VISA are helping bring universality and accessibility with a halo effect to all cryptocurrencies.

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