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How do I add content to elocance?

You can add content to elocance in three ways:

What kind of content can I turn into audio?

Almost anything! Articles you find on the web and even blogs, newsletters or industry news.

You can also listen to documents (word, PDFs etc.) like meeting minutes, reports and press releases. Finally, long or important emails can easily be transferred to elocance and turned into audio.

Everything can be saved to elocance and listened to later!

How does it work technically?

We use the best synthetic voice technology to turn everything written into an audio stream. We integrate the most recent research on neural networks and AI to make sure that even though these aren't real, human voices, they can still read your content to you in a manner that doesn't sound like your GPS' voice.

Do I need to be connected (vs. offline)?

For now, yes. But that doesn't mean that your audio connection will be interrupted abruptly if you lose service here or there. Offline mode will be incorporated very soon and will allow you to listen from planes, trains and automobiles....or wherever you are. We'll let you know when it's ready!

Can I change the voice?

When you create your account, you'll be prompted to choose from several voice options. You can change these anytime. For example, you can choose between a man or woman, a zen voice or focused voice, or one for everyday. We're working on creating more profiles to make your experience more enjoyable.

Can I add content in another language?

Of course! You can add articles, documents etc. in other languages and elocance will detect the language automatically. Start listening in French, Spanish, Italian or Japanese and get better at other languages.

Can I connect in the car?

Yes, of course! Just connect your phone to your car via bluetooth and it will work automatically as if you were connecting music. You can still control the app through your phone but please don't do this while driving. The use of your mobile phone while in the car is your responsibility and we advise you to ask a passenger to navigate the app while you are driving.

Can I translate documents to another language?

Not yet, but soon you'll be able to add a document in one language and listen to it in another!

Have other questions?

Don't hesitate to drop us a line at and we promise to write you back asap!

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