4 Paths to Better Mental Health: Meditation Edition

The pandemic has been a struggle for a lot of folks, and mental health is a large part of this particular challenge. Whether it be listening to podcasts, relaxing in front of the television, or putting in more office hours from the couch, we’re all trying to surmount the COVID-19 pandemic with our mental health intact. Another way you can improve your inner balance and become more stable is through meditation and yoga.

Let’s take a look at four ways following a meditation and yoga practice can help ease some of those anxieties and melt away stress:

1. Create space for your mind.

Getting started with meditation is easy. It begins by setting aside space in your home to devote to your practice. This dedicated space allows you to focus your energy — because as you associate it with mindfulness, focus will become easier to achieve. Be sure to select a quiet, private area of your home, a second bedroom, or a designated corner of the living room. Use this area for nothing except your practice.

As you transform your home into the ultimate meditation zone, make sure to declutter and do some deep cleaning as this will help reset the balance of your home and open up space — both physical and mental. Stress hormones and clutter go hand in hand, so taking time to get rid of the mess can be instrumental in your self-awareness journey. It helps turn your home into a fresh and vibrant space — and clear that negative energy you don’t want — that allows you to focus on your meditation practice.

2. Use technology to your advantage.

There’s an app for everything these days, and that includes meditation or help with sleeping. In fact, 11 million people have downloaded the Headspace app for help with meditation. You can also invest in meditation devices that measure your brainwaves and calculate your heart rate if that is something you think will be beneficial to your overall well being.

Successful people not only know how to run a business, but they have intimate knowledge of their own person and how they work best. Take this to heart. You know what works for you and what doesn’t. Use technology in much the same way: Invest time and money in what works for you.

3. Put your ears to work.

The auditory landscape of meditation doesn’t have to involve wordless musical experiences or even slow-paced, soothing guided instructions — though it can include these things! The Headspace and Buddify apps, for instance, have guided practices that can steer you toward deep relaxation. You can also listen to your favorite soft music, a thoughtful podcast, or an audiobook. An audio player is a must for this reason.

4. Your health will thank you.

There are numerous health benefits of meditation, including the fact that mindfulness allows your brain to process new information. It can also improve concentration and decision-making — both necessary now more than ever in the COVID-19 era. Yoga can help with this, as well, as research has shown that the practice can help strengthen your immune system.

Bring it all together.

Create a space, invest in an audio player, use technology to its fullest, and see the benefits: Your mental and physical health are on the line. Meditation and yoga can help you soften the stress of the pandemic and your everyday life — give it a try.

April Meyers, a huge advocate of embracing the mind-body connection, learned first-hand - for better and for worse - how intimately they’re connected. She teaches yoga full time to help her students nurture both their physical and emotional health, and she created Mind Body Health Solution to support people far and wide in their wellness journey. Read more about her here.

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