Listen to elocance, not the news

What if you filled your ears with knowledge instead of the perpetual news cycle? Develop positive habits by listening and learning everyday using the audio productivity app, elocance.
Since COVID entered our lives, many countries have taken steps to enforce lockdowns, and almost all outlets have been awash with news and statistics about the virus on a constant and perpetual basis. 

For many who do not find the indoor life appealing or easy to cope with, and to those who cannot keep their eyes off CNN, CNBC and other news outlets, maybe it's time to turn attention elsewhere. Following the news so closely can be addictive and bad for mental health because it causes anxiety and unnecessary stress. What if you filled your ears with knowledge instead and used this time to develop new, positive habits? For example, the habit of listening and learning everyday using elocance, a text to speech app that will read out loud to you.

elocance converts any document, article or email to audio so you can multitask while doing things around the house, keeping your ears focused on learning and your brain focused on positive growth.

Italian casanova coming right up…

Everyone dreams of being fluent in multiple languages, right? Not just for the resume boost but because it’s what the “high school you” imagined for your future self.  Now is a great time to turn this desire into reality. And the saying “you learn more by listening?” … well that is especially true when applied to learning a new language. Hearing new words, expressions, conjugations in the right accent are crucial to expanding your vocabulary and helping to train your ear.
For example, add a web article in Spanish, French, Portuguese etc. and elocance will read it to you in that language. If you are currently reading this article on a desktop using a chrome browser, you can install the elocance chrome extension, and add webpages seamlessly to the app.  Try it and let us know what you think!

Cleaning never felt so productive

Let’s be honest, more time indoors means more to do at home. Trending activities seem to revolve around cooking, cleaning, rearranging closets, and cleaning out that cabinet...or three. When the zoom meeting multitasking isn’t in full effect, elocance can help you listen to that article you’ve been meaning to read or that list of long emails. Both can be read out loud to you while doing other things.

Take that email for a walk

You know that feeling. The one where your neck can’t take another second of screen time. But just when you’re about to leave your desk, the ping of your email goes off with a 4-paragrapher from your boss. No problem...just forward it to [email protected], throw in your airpods and you have an automatic playlist for your afternoon walk.

Pump iron...while pumping info into your brain

With every famed workout class and popular instructor bombarding your IG TVs, how can one concentrate on work when there’s a chance at a free workout? Spending time at home has made it strangely hard to sit still. So why not take that Hiit class, vinyasa flow, or bootcamp? While your eyes are focused on following moves, your ears can get through that document you’ve been needing to read with increased focus and attention. Just add it to your elocance library and start listening!

Stay calm and elocance on...

Days feel like they’re going by slowly, but next thing you know, it’s 6pm and almost dinnertime. Stepping away from the home office is both welcome and stressful. Until panic sets in. What to cook? Do I have all the ingredients I need? No problem….add a recipe to elocance, turn it to audio and you can listen to the ingredients and directions on the way to the store. You’re less likely to forget things when you listen to it and can multitask while shopping and cooking. Problem solved!

Coursera anyone?

E-learning is all the rage and most of it is done through video tutorials and slides. However, all that reading homework (like case studies and articles) aren’t going to read themselves….wait. Add them to your elocance library and you’ll easily be able to listen to them instead of hurting your eyes. Have dyslexia or issues reading fast? elocance will read your assignments out loud to you so you can not only keep up, but get ahead.

elocance is available for iOS and Android and you can try it for free. We’d love to know how you’re using it to practice positive habits during confinement!

Happy listening,

The elocance Team

elocance is a productivity app and your audio superpower. Build productive habits and save time by listening. Save articles and PDFs etc., turn them to audio and learn on the go.

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