The 10 best productivity hacks

At elocance, we’re always on the hunt to improve the way we learn. Specifically, we’re passionate about learning through listening and helping our users be more efficient.

So, in the spirit of productivity, we thought we’d share some of the productivity apps, tools and websites that are helping us get more done everyday:

#1 Phantom Buster - Cambridge Analytica your contact list

Phantom Buster is a growth hackers dream. They scrape data and combine this with social media automation to help marketers build audiences, grow their user base and engage with leads. And made in France, just like us ;)

#2 Zapier - might make your job obsolete...

Zapier helps you do more, with less. Once integrated with your app, Zapier allows you to create custom workflows. What that means is that once mundane tasks, like saving attachments into Dropbox can be automatized so that you don’t have to do them. Zapier integrates with 1500 other platforms so the possibilities are endless. It's like having little (free) elves working for you 24/7!

#3 HelloSign - sign, sealed, delivered (without a pen)

A trusted e-signature platform that lets you sign documents online and set up workflows to manage approvals with teams. Integrates easily with G Suite, Dropbox etc.

#4 Todoist - get clarity on what’s not done, who needs to do it and when it needs to be done by

There are many task management tools out there (Trello, Monday etc.), but we love ToDoist because of its simplicity and affordability. A mere 30 euros per year helps your whole team get on the same page. Plus it stays on top of us when we need to get things done and encourages us after we’ve completed a task :) check out their website for more todoist hacks.

#5 CamScanner - phone cameras aren’t just for selfies

CamScanner turns your phone camera into a scanner and allows you to convert photographs of documents into actual documents! It’s even available in various formats.

#6 Otter - commemorate your voice

Otter’s foolproof voice recognition engine lets you take voice notes and converts them to text. It even adds punctuation marks! Once you’ve converted your voice notes, you can share them with your team and even track feedback. It’s a great way to keep track of all your ideas "on the go,” similar to Evernote, but with a cool audio component, which, of course we love!

#7 Blinkist - audio summaries of books

Of course we love any other audio app that helps you listen and learn. Best for non-fiction but also great for professional development (think essays, business books etc.). One personal favorite is the Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson :) Always learning!

#8 Tide - to quiet your mind

What started as a meditation app has evolved to a focus timer and white noise tool using the famous “Pomodoro” technique of meditation that requires you to be fully focused for 25 minutes. It stops time allowing you to fully relax with ambient noises which have been proven to boost concentration. We use it as a daily reset whenever things get crazy at the office.

#9 Canva - to build great visuals in a second

Know how to use photoshop? You don’t have to because there’s Canva. Create high quality visuals, posts, images and tailor them for use across any platform.

#10 elocance - Text to speech reader

Shameless plug? Maybe, but we’d be lying if we said that elocance wasn’t one of our daily productivity hacks. We use it while jogging, commuting and during idle time to catch up with everything we find interesting throughout the day, but don’t have time to read. We work hard but somehow, reading always falls by the wayside. For example, industry news and trends that we need to keep up with. We created this app because we needed and it’s been changing our lives ever since. Enjoy!

elocance is a productivity app and your audio superpower. Build good habits and save time by listening. Save articles and PDFs etc., turn them to audio and learn on the go.

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